About me




After finishing my degree in product design, I trained with food designer Marije Vogelsang in Amsterdam. Upon my return to Switzerland, I began designing my own products and projects. „Projekt Handwerk“ was established in 2009-2010 and received support from various foundations to promote work with traditional artisans in Switzerland. Long-forgotten techniques were revisited and reinterpreted.

The Golden Biscotti label, founded in 2010, grew out of my love for craftsmanship, local production and natural materials. Golden Biscotti stands for high-quality products crafted in small runs with great care by artisans here in Switzerland.


During my studies, I became interested in local, hand-crafted products. Impressed by the enormous storehouse of knowledge of materials and workmanship possessed by these artisans, I am always in search of new manufacturing partners.

The dialogue we have about crafting techniques and materials gives me ideas for new designs that combine contemporary forms with traditional manufacturing techniques. I thus work closely with artisans to create sustainable products with simple and straightforward designs for everyday use.