objet en papier


Fascinated by the fibrous aesthetics of the paperpulp we explored what qualities paper could achieve through different material mixtures.
In numerous material experiments we analysed the consistency, surface texture, elasticity, durability and aesthetics in the combination of paperpulp with various fibres and fillers. Since paper is biodegradable, we were especially interested in a mixture with other recyclable materials. The combination of different papers with sugar, gelatine, agar-agar, pectin, maize starch, sugar powder, fructose and salt lead to amazingly stable materials with different qualities. In the end, we were especially interested in the paper-sugar-mixture. The two everyday materials compound into a material of astonishing solidity and with a lively surface texture. This discovery lead to the “objets en papier”.


Photographed by: Nicole Lehner
Text: Luzia Kälin